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    Angry Retailer is Refusing to Refund Money on an Item That Was Returned

    Hello to everyone involved. I spend thousands of pounds shopping online from a clothing retailer called River Island. I have been trying to dispute 3 cases.

    1) Item that was returned and not refunded.
    2) Wrong item sent to me which I returned and was also not refunded.
    3) Wrong size item sent to me which I returned and was also not refunded.

    I have been disputing this for 3 months now as 2 of these cases were raised in November and one in December 2017.
    They have asked me for return slips from Royal Mail which I have sent to them. They are claiming that the return slip for one of the items does not match the weight of the return. I don't know how this is possible. They haven't even replied any of the other 2 cases. Yesterday I called them and managed to speak with an agent who after talking with her supervisor told me that they were going to refund the money. Today, I got an email saying that actually my request was rejected for one of the orders and that I should file a claim through my bank. I called my bank and they told me they can no longer file the claim as the time limit of 100+ days has passed. I called yet again the merchant and found out that they have rejected all my requests under the reason that 'I have filed too many requests' even though I have provided them with all the information they have requested me. I haven't been able to speak to a supervisor as apparently they are all busy and will give me a call back in 24hrs.

    Can anyone help me with an approach to get my money back and with my rights as a consumer?? These people have taken 3 months to tell me they are refunding the money and then that they are not. They are stealing from me as I have sent the items back and have also complied with all their requests and insist on not refunding me the money. Is there a court solution to this?


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    Default Re: Retailer Refusing to Refund Money on Item Sent Back

    US law only.

    Please try to find a legal forum for your country.

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    Default Re: Retailer Refusing to Refund Money on Item Sent Back

    This site is for US law only.

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