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    Default Processing a Fake Return to Steal Money from Work

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oregon

    Alright, So here's the deal, My buddy/Roommate bought some stuff from the storw I work at, I knew he paid cash and a few days later I Looked up the transaction and did it like a return (I offered for him to come by and just pick up the money but he didn't want too), I just applied the coupon we had for 50% off so it was legit. I work in an empty department and I'm like 60% sure the cameras don't work, I've taken a few dollars in quarters before for laundry (Not all at once but still) enough to wear the cameras would have seen it? That has never been brought up.

    The point is I pocketed around 50$ from doing the return and applying the coupon, If the cameras work I'm screwed. I'm not gonna act like a pansy, I know what I did was probably technically illegal, I'd prefer not to go to jail since I'm still in highschool. Can someone tell me my legal options ?? I have the slips still to show it was a legitimate transaction. I offered for my friend to come and get the money in the first place? If I had him say, he told me to just do the transaction for him in court, could I avoid legal charges if I get caught?

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    Default Re: Fraud/Theft

    Certainly illegal. Nothing you can do will undo the crime you already committed. You should stop breaking the law. If the police or prosecutor contact you, refuse to talk to them. If charged or arrested, get an attorney.

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    Default Re: Fraud/Theft

    There is nothing “technically” about your theft being illegal and nothing about the “transaction” is even remotely “legitimate,” regardless of what paperwork you fabricated. You are a common thief – and, apparently, an unremorseful and unrepentant one at that. Luckily for your victims, you don’t seem to be very good at it, or even very bright. So, your criminal career is not likely to be very long or successful.

    That being said, Ron’s advice above is sound. Jail is a very real possibility (along with other life-long consequences). You are just going to have to wait and see how long it takes to be caught for your crimes and, when it happens, don’t talk to anyone but your attorney.

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    Default Re: Processing a Fake Return to Steal Money from Work

    Quote Quoting Zoefromaccounting
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    could I avoid legal charges if I get caught?

    It's a class c misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $1250.

    Not to mention that you'll undoubtedly get fired for it among other long term consequences.

    But I don't suppose common criminals care about any of that.

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