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    Unhappy Throwing Out A Live-In Significant Other, in Connecticut

    If a person lives with their significant other and a fight happens and they split up can the "rent payer" "main man" just kick the other out like that? Can they have the person removed by the Police?
    There is no lease for this apartment at all.
    It is just "assumed" that the man is in charge as far as the Landlord is concerned. It is a "loose" rental agreement at best. The "main man" does free property management and is friends with the Landlord.
    There are no recent rent receipts either. There is a utility bill in the "main mans" name.
    The girlfriend does get mail at the house, state Id's list that address going back 2+ years..
    Can she call the Police and have him removed? Could she even get him evicted or does he hold ALL of the power so to speak?
    What are her rights as far as living in a situation like this? If she has no where to go and needs to stay a week or two can she? Can he force her out?
    Can he get her evicted by the Landlord?
    Please help...Thank You..

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    Default Re: Live in significant other~Connecticut

    Has this person ever paid rent?

    I suspect that the police would regard them as cotenants.

    Why does this person wish to continue living in this horrible situation?

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