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    Default How to Get Your Property From Your Ex's Home After You Break Up

    My question involves personal property located in the State of: Kentucky.
    My son and I have lived with this man for almost 3 years, in his home. He has a mortgage, not a landlord. We shopped for the house together, and I've basically been a housewife for almost 3 years.

    After constantly arguing, I decided we just aren't meant to be. When I told him I wanted to break up,(because we fight all the time), he was very angry and wouldn't let my son and I in the house. A few days later he let me in to get some belongings, and then changed the locks. Everything we own is in the house, including a lot of my furniture. He said I could make an "appointment" with him to start packing my things. Usually when we make plans for me to go pack, he changes his mind, and I have to reschedule.

    I do receive my mail there, it is my home, just not on paper.

    Prior to the breakup, he bought me a piano. Several people heard him say he bought if for me, and now he's saying I can't have it. Just out of spite! I want to be able to pack for about 2 days, and on the 3rd day, get a truck and move it all out. Including my piano! If he bought me an engagement ring, I wouldn't have to return it.

    How do I go about getting my piano and everything else without dragging this out any longer?

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    Default Re: Getting My Property from Ex

    Well, that's what you get for living with boyfriends. Unfortunately, most people don't learn that lesson until the arrangement blows up in their faces.

    Anyway, you may have to sue him in small claims court for your belongings or the used value of them.

    You can probably forget about the piano unless you can get your witnesses into court to testify about the gift.

    Kentucky small claims limit is $2500 and allows for money and personal property.

    If you've got more at stake I suggest you talk to an attorney.

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    Default Re: Getting My Property from Ex

    Yes, they can't do anything unless I have an order of protection or something similar

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