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    Default Pretrial Detention With Convicted Criminals

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: TN and USA

    Should inmates, who have been sentenced, be housed with those who have no been sentenced?

    I am asking if for state/county jail/prison specifics in TN as well as other states, as well as federal facilities.

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    Default Re: Jail Segregation: Unsentenced V Sentenced

    Whether they should or should not be is irrelevant. The question is whether the law allows it or not. I know that in my state, county jails can hold both sentenced and non-sentenced inmates int he same pods. Prison is only for sentenced inmates.

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    Default Re: Jail Segregation: Unsentenced V Sentenced

    Curious upon doing some research where a DOJ Federal Mandate was issued requiring AV and other health standards after guards were prosecuted for beating a couple inmates to death with the 'knock out game'.

    Those held without an 'outdate' have cameras directly on them inside their sleeping quarters.

    Why? In case they confess to elements of their crimes perhaps and other reasons?

    Those with an outdate generally have lower security and do not have cams other than the entire overall pod views.

    Now the discussion of why the two types should be segregated relies on good common sense perhaps not readily apparent to most people.

    Somebody with a rapidly approaching outdate in the same pod with those who haven't been to trial opens doors for all forms of abuse, including enticing/coercing a body to 'lean on a witness' once they are released.... etc.

    I do believe federal prisons hold both types and state prisons should not.

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