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    Question Emancipating a Minor Who is Joining the Military

    My 17 year old step son moved out, he graduates in june of this year, he leaves for the military on june 26th how do we get him emancipated in the state of Pennsylvania???

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania Emancipation

    Pennsylvania's emancipation policies vary by county. This information is general - you'll have to investigate your County's procedures - but should be helpful.
    Quote Quoting How does a minor request emancipation from the court?
    Pennsylvania rules of court do not establish procedures for obtaining emancipation decrees. As noted above, however, Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas have the power to make decisions concerning emancipation. Some counties do not recognize any formal procedure for emancipation and so the minor may need to take the initiative to petition the court for emancipation. It can be helpful for a minor to have an attorney when petitioning the court for emancipation, but it is not essential.

    In a petition for emancipation a minor must state that:
    • The minor has moved out of his or her parents’ home.
    • The minor is not receiving financial support from his or her parents.
    • The minor is capable of responsibly controlling his or her own actions and does so.
    The minor should be as specific as possible about how long he or she has been living independently and how self-support is achieved.

    When the court considers the emancipation petition, the minor’s parents will be notified and will be invited to attend the hearing and speak at the hearing on their view about the child’s request for emancipation.
    Once you are emancipated under one state's court order, you should be treated as emancipated in any state (but under that state's rules as to what it means to be emancipated).

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