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    Default Will a Business Have Records on a Past Shoplifting Civil Demand

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: california

    I was caught shoplifting at walmart 13 years ago. I believe they got a copy of my license and sent me a civil penalty in the mail which i paid. I never heard anything else. Fast forward to now, i'm older and alot wiser and havent got in any trouble since. I'm in need of a job and on a whim also sent an application to walmart. A different location from the one where the incident happened but in the same state. I had an interview because a friend of mine knows a manager there but they havent started any of the employment process yet. All of this is coming back to me and im curious if it will show up on their background check? Should i back out of the job? I dont want to embarrass myself or my friend if all of this is revealed. thank you.

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    Default Re: Will a Business Have Records on a Past Unpaid Civil Demand

    Nobody here can tell you if they'll have a record of the old civil demand, or how it might affect your job application. I would personally ride it out, but you're free to make your own choice. Yours is not a legal question.

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