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    Angry Can Minors Invite Friends Over Without Consent of a Parent or Guardian

    My question is about the rights of minors who are residents of a house located in the state of Oregon.

    2 minors have disobeyed their guardian who owns the property by bringing other minors over with no permission. The police said since they are residents there is nothing the police can do unless the guardian wants her dependents to get into trouble as well.

    She gave them a week for another chance to ask permission and it didnít happen. She locked both side gates so no one could sneak in and the friends began to jump the fences and even broke one of the fences to enter the property.

    The minors are smoking marijuana on the property despite how many times the guardian has told them to stop.

    The minors donít attend school, smoke marijuana illegally, wonít listen to their guardian no matter what she does.

    This is a family home and we do not need people we donít know smoking drugs on our property.

    The gaurdian has told them they no longer have the right as residents to have anyone over and if they come over they will be trespassing and will call the police.

    Is there any legal action we can take? The gaurdian doesnít care at this point if her 2 defendants get into trouble.

    Please help!

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    Default Re: Can Minors Invite Friends Over Without Consent of a Parent or Guardian

    If the guardians were appointed to that capacity by a court and no longer want to serve in that capacity, they can petition to end their guardianship.

    If they prefer to continue as guardians, they can impose discipline consistent with any limits imposed by law and the guardianship order.

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    Default Re: Can Minors Invite Friends Over Without Consent of a Parent or Guardian

    Legal action? You set up a remote camera looking at the most likely spot for this party. Wait for them to arrive and begin partying and then you call the police.

    Legal age to smoke in Oregon is 21.

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