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    Default Does it Violate HIPAA to Discuss a Patient's Debts in Front of Others

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Florida
    A surgical nurse came in to a waiting room and approached my son-in-law and myself about her unpaid bill from previous surgery concerning my daughter who had just had another surgery. She was speaking loudly about the unpaid bill and how it will be sent to collections if not paid. This was all done in front of others. Did she violate HIPPA and if so can she be confronted

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    Default Re: Hippa Law

    First of all, it's not HIPPA, it's HIPAA.

    Not enough information to say if there was a violation here or not. However, the correct procedure for addressing HIPAA violations is to report them to HHS. You will not be told if they perceive a violation and you will not be told what, if any, action is taken against the violator if they do.

    You are always free to complain to the hospital administration. They won't tell you what action they take, either.

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    Default Re: Hippa Law

    Gray area.

    If you and your son-in-law were authorized by your daughter (as I suspect you were) to have access to her medical information and the nurse said things like "your daughter," "bill," "amount," "she owes," "who's going to pay," "when will it be paid," and there was no way anybody within earshot could identify your daughter or any medical information about your daughter, then it might not rise to the level of a HIPAA violation.

    If you think otherwise you are free to file a complaint with her superiors and the federal government if you think it will give you some satisfaction for being annoyed by her asking about money at a time like that.

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