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    Default Can I Change My Attorney?

    I have been persuing SSI disability payments and have been represented by an atorney. I have signed paper work with this attorney. He says I will only owe him if I win an award of benefits. Im In Indiana and the state limit is $5300. He has told me that it will take many months (originally 23 months and now 15 months)to appear before and appeals judge. He recently went to a special hearing on my behalf. I dont believe he represented me in the best manner possible. Can I change my attorney at this point and not have to start all over again? Will i still have to pay the original attorney if another attorney gets involved? ( plz look in this forum for another question regarding SSI. It is titled "TIME for a change"

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    Default Re: Can I change my attorney?

    You can change lawyers. Your current lawyer is entitled to compensation for work performed to date. If you sign on with a new lawyer, make sure that the fee agreement is clear that you won't end up paying double fees - that is, that you pay a single lawyer fee which is divided between the lawyers.

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