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    Default Speeding Up The Appeals Process

    I live and worked in Indiana and i suffered a stroke which caused a left hemianopsia (loss of left field of vision in both eyes)Ifilled out the original application for SSI Disability, and was denied. I got an attorney and he applied for "Reconsideration, and I was denied again. The final hurdle is to go before an Appeals Judge. The "Systen" is so over whelmed that I was informed it will take 23 months to appear before the judge. Are there other avenues I can persue to speed up the process? "My" attorney says there is none. LOL Let's keep him honest or its time for a change. Plz see the thread titled "Can I change my attorney?"

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    Default Re: TIME for a change

    The only way to get Social Security benefits is through the Social Security Administration. Consider contacting your Member of Congress or Senator's Office to report the slow progress and request help.

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