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    Default North Carolina "Simple Assault" Misdemeanor

    Does anyone know the maximum penalty and minimum penalty for "simple assault" in N.C.?

    It involves a local case in Wake Co. involving a neighbor dispute regarding disturbing the peace in early Sunday morning hours (lawn mowing). One nbr squirted a small amount of water (garden hose) at the other nbr. The police arrived there and mediated a voluntary apology & handshake between the two parties after it was revealed that its legal to disturb the peace at the time the incident occurred. The "injured" party appeared to accept the apology. The police are not aware if the injured party will press charges.

    Any guess what the worst case scenario is for such "simple assault with ~8-12 oz of water" ?

    And would the offending party receive any legal consideration (leniency) since the situation seemed resolved in the presence of the police IF the injured party presses charges despite and police didn't think it warranted a citation at the time of the incident?

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    Default Re: North Carolina "simple assault" misdemeanor

    You're probably referencing charges under NCGS 14-33. Penalties for misdemeanors are set forth in NCGS 14-3.

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