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    Default Adult Assaulted a Minor at School in California

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California.

    woman in mid 40's witness 3 girls attackin her daughter on the day she decided to remove her daughter from school to home school her because school staff refused to help with constant attackstate to her daughter .The mother went a grabbed one of the aggressivers by the hair and her daughter hit the girl a few times all this happened on school grounds security had to help the mother with the situation it was 3 girls attempting to attack her daughter long story short the mother pulled on of the girls hair and said she'll assault the child and her mother next time I volunteer at the school wondering if this woman can go to jail she claims no pass criminal history I'm concern.because she has other small children at home. Is she likely to go to jail get probation she's on disability will they have her pay a fine?

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    Default Re: Adult Assaulting a Minor in California

    While jail is a possibility, it is probably not likely. A fine, probation, and community service are likely results for battery on school grounds. Not to mention the possibility that her daughter could be suspended or even expelled.

    She should immediately consult a criminal defense attorney. At her arraignment, she can request a public defender if she cannot afford an attorney.

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    Default Re: Adult Assaulting a Minor in California

    And the volunteer days at the school are over. I would bet on being banned from school grounds.

    Adults that grab children by the hair and then threaten them and their parents are considered a security issue.

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