Hopefully this is the right forum.

So, yesterday, the city shut off our water for non-payment, completely in error. No attempt was made to contact us prior, or to ascertain that the address and meter were correct. I called them, within 2 minutes of it happening, gave them the confirmation on the payment (I have literally never missed or had a late payment on the water bills), and they confirmed that their own system showed the payment had been made and our water had been shut off by mistake. I was told that they would contact the crew to come turn my water back on. Despite the fact that at that point whoever had turned the meter off couldn't have been more than a mile away, it took until today and another call for our water to actually be turned back on. As a result, we were unable to shower, wash clothes, or flush the toilet, were without drinking water, and were forced to waste our extremely limited funds purchasing food because we were unable to wash dishes. Does this rise to the level of negligence on the part of the city, and what recourse, if any, do we have to seek compensation?

I'm in Virginia.