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    My question involves an accident that occurred in the state of: California

    So this is a bit of a silly and minor deal and it's already been passed along to my insurance co., but just wondering what you guys think. I was in a parking lot that had angled parking and one-way traffic as indicated by a painted arrow. A vehicle drove past me, I saw it was clear, proceeded to back up slowly, then that same vehicle came flying at me in reverse. Rocked my car pretty good, pushed me sideways, hit my back right quarterpanel in the corner and ripped off my back bumper. I was moving when they impacted my car, but very slowly. I stopped half in the aisle and they ended up behind me and to my left (so, farther back up the aisle.) I was wondering if I would be at fault because they had right of way in the aisle, period, or if they will have some or all fault contributed to them because they were traveling against the flow of traffic at speed. Do arrows in parking lots even hold any weight? I know it's not an actual roadway, so if that's the case and arrows are "suggestions" then I'm probably screwed lol. Thanks!

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    My 35 years in the insurance industry tells me that the guy backing up rapidly is 100% at fault.

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    In my experience, both insurance companies will deny the claim from the other party arguing as AJ says that the other guy was at fault.

    No arrows do not mean anything, they are not regulatory.

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