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    Default Flat Tire from Rebar in a Poorly Maintained Curb Stop

    Drove up into a parking space underneath the pro Services area in the front of Home Depot there is a piece of rebar sticking out of a broken stop curb. Front driver side tire went right into it cause an instant flat. Went back few weeks later and curb stop is not fixed. Seems like a serious safety hazard as well since a lot of people walk back and forth through that space to enter the front of the building. Home Depot settled with me the price of the new tire. I have not cashed check yet I'm considering suing for loss of day wages I was visiting Home Depot while working on a job and could not return. AAA left me stranded 4 hours and the kid who came to fix my tire let the jack stand handle come down and up through my driver side mirror. This call cause my vehicle to be inoperable for a few days until I had everything fixed. I had to pay nearly $700 out of pocket and one month later still haven't received my settlement check yet from AAA. It's all caused me to behind in my month's rent, costing me late fees due to late payment off my lease. I have tons of photos document in the entire incident. I feel unnerved that this rebar was still not fixed.

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    Default Re: Home Depot Rebar Parking Space Flat Tire

    The fact that it is still not fixed has not caused you further damage. Get over it.

    You might have an additional claim time loss for the day it happened but in order to get this you would likely have to sue and take additional time off that you would not be able to recover for. Everything else was not HD's fault.

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    Default Re: Home Depot Rebar Parking Space Flat Tire

    You left Home Depot’s responsibility (if there really was any) when the kid damaged your truck. That wasn’t Home Depot’s employee or contractor but yours.

    Beyond that; The late rent or anything else; not a chance in the world anybody but you bears any responsibility for that.

    and if you feel so unnerved about the rebar:
    call 1-800-HOME DEPOT

    and tell them you aren’t going to buy anything from them because your local store hasn’t fixed the rebar.

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    Default Re: Home Depot Rebar Parking Space Flat Tire

    Sorry, but you aren't entitled to anything but the cost of the tire. So go ahead and cash the check.

    When you get a flat you take out your spare and your jack and you change the tire and go on your way.

    That you, for some reason, weren't capable of doing that is nobody's fault but your own and HD doesn't owe you anything for anything that ensued.

    Changing a tire is something EVERY vehicle owner needs to know how to do.

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    Default Re: Home Depot Rebar Parking Space Flat Tire

    I wind up changing the tire myself because AAA couldn't do it staying it was "stuck" but I buy AAA for the reason to use it. Thank you for all your input it helps out tremendously it how I feel about the situation. Appreciate it.

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