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Well, if you are going to be present at the hearing, speak up and ask for justification of the charges.

The hearing was held last tuesday. Typical of this attorney he gave me no idea of what to expect. The court called him first and he went over a bunch of numbers.
The judge then called me, asked me a few questions about the plantiff who I am guardian for and appeared to give his approval to the lawyers plan to divy up the money. The attorney did not mention his fee or charges at that point and I didnt know to ask or really had the time. THe judge asked me questions and I gave him the answers.
The judge did say he wanted him back in Feb but that he didnt have to appear in person to report on how things were going.

Thats how it went. This attorney has a way of keeping me in the dark knowing only what I need to know for the moment. As a result I dont know what to ask at key moments.
He has lost evidence, the forms he submitted were and are full of errors. His contention that he spent alot of time on this case is not represented in his work. He even mispelled the name of the plantiff.
If I do get a chance to voice my view on his charges I certainly will.