A few years ago, our local government enacted an ordinance that made the care and maintenance of the public sidewalks the responsibility of the residents. Citizens that live along the main street within the village limits have to keep the public sidewalks that lie adjacent to their properties clean of snow, ice and other debris. Snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours of the incurrence or they will be fined $50 a day for non-compliance.

Along the main street, the public plow throws up a huge mound of frozen chunks onto the sidewalks which are almost impossible to remove even with a snow blower. Six inches could turn into 2 feet of impacted snow as hard as granite. I'm an old lady living alone and sometimes find it almost impossible to obey the ordinance. I've spoken to a village board member about my concerns and have been informed that the law is the law - no exceptions or exclusions. I even suggested that village get a small sidewalk plow/blower to do the sidewalks. Again, was informed that the ordinance was in effect so that was no need to incur the expense of purchasing this equipment.

I wanted to know if the ordinance is legal that makes private citizens responsible for public property.