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    Default Falsely Accused of Theft by Employer

    so I'm a sales manager for a retail chain store (I work for a location in PA) on December 22nd I received a call from HR falsely accusing me of theft. I wrote a written statement saying stating I am innocent, and kept my cool, And of course the "investigation" starts.

    Now I am still employed, and I haven't been fired yet. However, of course there is gossip. However, here's the catch: Our location is closing in two weeks. There are many other locations still in business, but I won't be allowed to transfer to another store. They just allow me to remain employed until the location is closed.

    Now how will this investigation affect my future? Will I be able to collect unemployment, will I still get hired elsewhere? Any bit of advice will be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Falsely Accused of Theft by Employer

    You can't successfully sue your employer for suspecting you of theft, for telling you that you are suspected of theft, or investigating whether or not its suspicions are warranted.

    Ideally the investigation will show that the suspicion is incorrect or unfounded, and it won't affect your future.

    If your employer fires you and tells UI that you were fired for theft, you can dispute their claim with the unemployment agency. If your employer simply tells UI that your location was closed and that you lost your job for that reason, the theft accusation won't affect your UI eligibility.

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