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    Default What Will Happen if You Crash Into a Parked Car While Uninsured

    My question involves an accident that occurred in the state of: california.
    I crashed my car uninsured into an uninsured parked car what going to happen

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    Default Re: Me Uninsured Just Had Compensation Crashed into a Uninsured Parked Car

    That’s a pretty big question but some of what is likely to happen:

    you will be asked to pay for the damages you caused. If you refuse you’ll probably be sued, and lose. Then a judgement will be entered against you.

    You are obligated to file an SR1 with the cal dmv. If you don’t, when they realize you didn’t, your license is likely to be suspended. If you do file one, when it is discovered you don’t have insurance, your license is likely to be suspended.

    Does that answer most of your question?

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