In NJ, is there a way to search public records to see if someone is divorced, without them being alerted to the search? For instance, if a divorce was completed in a particular county, say 2 years ago, does that get publicly posted anywhere?

I want to find out if two separate individuals are divorced. However, I only want to do this search if A) itís free, B) itís legal and C) itís anonymous. If it doesnít fit any of these parameters I wonít do it. I should add that I am currently a resident of PA, so if that causes any issues please let me know.

Also I would like to find out the criminal history of two separate people in NJ. So how would I go about searching for that information? Is it public? I want the same parameters to apply as above, I.e free, legal and anonymous.

Thanks in advance for any help. There are so many so-called background check sites but I donít trust them. If the information isnít public knowledge somehow, Iíll just go without. Thanks.