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    Default Final Notice of Delinquent Registration in California

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: California

    I received a "Notice of Delinquent Registration. Final Notice" From the DMV. The notice says that if I don't pay the past due registration fees and penalties, they can garnish my wages, attach my bank account, attach real property, etc.

    The vehicle in question is an old 1974 scooter that has a blown motor. It's been stored in my garage and I have no intention of ever trying to fix it and am currently just hoping to be able to sell it for parts and if that doesn't work out, take it to the junk yard.

    Now they want me to pay $165 to register a non running scooter that sits on my private property. An option to register it as a non operating vehicle is not offered Do I have any recourse in this situation?

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    Default Re: California Final Notice of Delinquent Registration

    So why didn't you turn in the plates when you first put it in storage with the blown motor?

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