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    Default Joining the Military With a Conviction for Burglary of a Vehicle

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Texas

    Hello my name is Titus. When I was 17 years old i got caught up with the wrong group of friends. They went to a car that had their windows down and took stuff out of the car. I was beside them when it happened. Next thing you know 6 undercover cops came running toward us pointing their guns at us telling us to get on the ground. They took us in custody. I stayed one day in Killeen Texas jail. The next day they transferred me to Bell county jail and processed me in. I stayed in for 3 weeks before seeing a judge. During those 3 weeks i became a "trusty", working as a kitchen staff. When i saw the judge i didn't ask for a lawyer and i pleaded guilty. They told me to just serve 1 more week and I'm free.
    That was 8 years ago. Im 25 now. I wanted to join the military but they don't accept burglary. Is there anyway i can remove this off my record?

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    Default Re: Burglary of a Vehicle

    I'm presuming that you were actually convicted of that crime some time in the story. If so, that burglary is at least a class A misdemeanor which means there is no way to wipe it out short of a pardon from the governor or president. That's not going to happen. Further, that pardon won't keep the military from seeing it, so they likely still require a waiver. As you've realized, the military is overstrength so they're disinclined to take waiver.

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