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    Default Can an Adult Get a Name Change While Still Married

    My question involves name change laws in the State of: New Jersey

    When I was first married, I had my social security and drivers lincese changed to state my married name only. Since having children and hyphenating their last names, Iíd also like regain my maiden name and hyphenate my last name. My husband and I are still married and I do not want to drop my husbandís last name, merely hyphenate it.

    My marriage license states my maiden name
    My passport states my maiden name
    My drivers license states my married name
    My current SS card states my married name

    What documents do I need to change my SS card to a hyphenated name? And what/if do I need to change my drivers license?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Adult Name Change While Still Married

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    What documents do I need to change my SS card to a hyphenated name?
    Whatever documents the SS office asks you for when you ask them.

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    Default Re: Adult Name Change While Still Married

    Understand that your Social Security account and your driver's license are supposed to have your current LEGAL name on them. So should your passport, too. If any of these mismatch, by the way, you can be in for headaches. So did you change your name legally to your husbandís last name in the marriage? Or did you leave it as your maiden name? Either way, in order to change your name now to the hyphenated version you will need to go to court and get your name changed legally. It is not particularly difficult to do as an adult. See the NJ court name change packet for the details on the process.

    Now youíd be ready to change the passport. Instructions for that are found here: Passport name change

    You could do the SSA records at the same time, too, unless you need the passport to establish citizenship for the SSA change, in which case the passport would come first, then the SSA change. Either way, itís easiest to do this before you change your driverís license, since what SSA wants to see is the court order for the name change plus an identity document (like your driverís license) that has your former legal name (the one you had just before the court order was granted). That gives the SSA the chain that proves you are the person with the former name that SSA has and that you now have a new name. As your SSA records now match your current driverís license, this should make the process pretty straightforward. See the SSA name change page for more information.

    Finally, you need to change your driverís license. You do that by taking the court order granting the name change to a NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office. Details are here: MVC name change

    Donít forget to notify your employer, insurer, etc, of the name change. And after the SSA name change is made, ensure that your future tax filings use your new name too.

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