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My question involves paternity law for the State of: Illinois
I have a few questions. First some background. I am pregnant and scheduled to deliver the 21st. I live with my boyfriend who is the father. I am still legally married. My ex (still current husband) is not a nice man and will not sign a denial of paternity. Is there anything I can do? My boyfriend does want to claim paternity and will sign the papers saying so. Can I just put non or no father so my ex wont be on the birth certificate and later fight it out in court?
You should be able to avoid putting him on the birth certificate...however that would mean putting no one on the birth certificate. However, the reality of things is that you need to get divorce and establish that he is not the father as part of the divorce case. The father of the child also needs to file to establish paternity. The father of the child can do that even if you do not file for divorce, but its LONG past time for you to get divorced, and you do not need his signature to do so.