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    Default How to Get Full Credit for Community Service Hours Performed for Probation

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: ny

    NY outcources cmmty svc- different entity- reports to probation.

    Because I wrote CEO under "last job position" the evil brainless employee thought of me as a rich snob. she was going to fix that. she was going to ruin my life.

    I made the mistake of writing CEO as my last job [ true, but thye view me as rich and snobby-completely false ] and today things have gotten worse- she is now lying to the probation officer about my hours performed 290 so far- but she wrote 144.

    Here's a look at the abuse:
    Surgeon's letter on file- after 2 months of no "light duty" com svc- she buries my dr. letter [ cost me $16k- surgeon would not pen it unless i paid my bill] and tells court I am in violation.

    Jan1: Court: I introduce the doctor's note- DA, Judge have never seen it. Okay, so I start com svc. [ and probation goes from 4 vists per year to twice monthly ] *** but the legal aid never requests a referral from the court to the com svc shop.
    April30: Com Svc girl never received a referral from the court to re-activate me with the program. i performed 146 hours of com svc- approved by the spvsr - signed time sheets- all rejected.
    "We are not accepting them."
    Nov 30: After 11 months of daily com svc [ yes life wrecked] I clock 290 from May to Nov. Today at court- with legal aid in a rare oppty to meet with the judge and the da in chambers- the report from the PO reads 144 hours. If it read 290 the judge may have considered giving me credit for the jan to april.
    NO NO. this girl , this woman is ruining my life- I have given her monthly time sheets showing 290. She reports to my PO 144.

    What can i do? i am writing the judge again, the da, sending my po the time sheets evidencing the 290. What should i do about her? I do not want to contact her - let her know tht i know she is lying and abusing her job. her boss is in cahoots with her and sending her a letter will only get her angry.

    this is horrible. pls advise how you would proceed.

    Lesson #1 : Never use legal aid. You must pay$3k for an atty. I could not afford one.

    thanks for reading. pls help give me hope.

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    Default Re: How to Get Full Credit for Community Service Hours Performed for Probation

    You appear to be stating that you performed 144 community service hours under an authorization that apparently expired, and an additional 146 hours after the authorization expired. You can document that you performed the hours, and they were with a court-approved organization, but the probation department is stating that they cannot credit the hours due to the expired paperwork.

    If you cannot resolve the issue within the probation department, such as by appealing to a supervisor, then you would need to bring a motion before the trial court. If it comes to bringing a motion in court, I suggest working with a criminal defense lawyer.

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