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    I own a house in Merida, Mexico, but I don't live there right now, I live in Ajijic while I try to sell the Merida house. I have buyers for the Merida house (yay!) and they've paid the required 10% deposit (yay!) and I am now making plans to fly to Merida, stay in my house while I pack the rest of my personal stuff, and then leave the house with my stuff on or just before closing day. I will then stay in a nearby hotel for a couple of days, during which time I will attend the closing ceremonies, and then fly back to Ajijic.

    Sounds like a good plan, right?

    Oh no, the buyers are appalled that I would have the gall to think that I could stay in "their" house while awaiting closing day. And that I would be in there packing my stuff without their permission! They don't seem to understand that until I get the final payment for the house, it's my house and I can stay in it whenever I want. My Merida real estate agent (who asked them what they would say if I was living in the house at the time they paid the deposit, would they want me to leave immediately, and they said of course not, that is apparently a whole 'nother scenario) is now desperately trying to get them to understand that until closing day, they have no say in whether or not I enter (and stay in) my house in Merida.

    Grrrr, why can't anything go easily and logically???

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