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    Default Independent Contractor Working For A Staffing Agency

    I am currently working as an independent contractor for an online staffing agency. The agency recently changed their policy for contractors and are requiring that all contractors get a Federal Tax ID number ASAP or I will be suspended from working. I am currently in Florida - what is the simplest way to proceed in structuring "my business"? Do I become a sole proprietor, or open a corporation? I have no employees. I have received conflicting advice. I was advised by our tax person that I could be a Sole Proprietor, but would have to be an LLC. He also advised that was not a good option and that I should open a Corporation and then file a 2553 and have sub-s status? I am getting frustrated and cannot afford to not work because I do no have a Federal Tax ID #. if i state that I am a sole proprietor do i have to file anything with the state? Any suggestions as to how i should proceed would be helpful! Thank you.

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    Default Re: Independent contractor working for staffing agency

    I don't know what type of work is involved. If your tax adviser is saying "become a corporation", I have no basis upon which to question that advice.

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