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    Default How to Ensure That a Licensing Agency Knows an Applicant's Criminal Record

    Hey there!

    I work in healthcare and know a person with:

    1. 18 counts of theft, running a prostitution ring, being a prostitute, and buying and selling heroin.

    2. This person is an active heroin addict.

    3. They continue to sell drugs.

    4. They are part of a huge criminal collection of people in the Kensington area of Philly, PA. If you know Philly, you know what I mean.

    5. They have a fake mental health diagnosis to receive SSI, which means free income, housing, money, healthcare, and so on.

    This woman used a false name "Dawn Brooks" for all of her convictions. Thus, she has NO CRIMINAL HISTORY under her real name.

    This is a concern because she is now enrolled in a local community college attempting to obtain a degree in healthcare. That would either be: psychology or nursing.

    As a professional myself with 30 years in the field of healthcare, I do not want this person entering my profession with unknown criminal activity. If it's public knowledge and she is still hired, then fine, but not as things are.

    I know her social security number, real name, etc.

    How can I make sure that her record is tied to her real name and information?

    I think it's imperative.


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    Default Re: Exposing a Criminal Record: Employment

    What evidence do you have ? Your opinion is not evidence ?

    Are you a psychiatrist or psychologist? If not you have no way of knowing anything about her mental health.

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    Default Re: Exposing a Criminal Record: Employment

    Remove the name from your post - NOW.

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    Default Re: Exposing a Criminal Record: Employment

    If her real name is Jane Doe, and she uses that name when she apply's for a healthcare license, Jane Doe will have a lot of explaining to do when they run her fingerprints for that license because DB's name is going to come up. Fingerprints don't lie.

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    Default Re: Exposing a Criminal Record: Employment

    You may provide the information you have to the licensing authority in Pennsylvania for nursing and psychologists. If they don’t license her then she won’t be getting jobs in those professions.

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    Default Re: Exposing a Criminal Record: Employment

    Are you asking this because you just really really want to mess over someone, or because you are thinking of trying this out yourself? Either way, you can call and make a complaint against her to one of the whistleblower hot lines, but I do not think at all that what she is supposed to be doing to hide her legal problems will work, because despite what you may think from the outside looking in where you do not have all the facts, as it was pointed out to you, fingerprints do not lie.

    Likewise, I'm sure she would not be the first person who has a serious record who has tried to hide it, so I suspect they would do a dab of verification, regardless of what name she uses. Boy, she's one busy and successful camper if she can be a fully functioning nurse, a heroin addict, a criminal mastermind, and a faker of mental health diagnosis to get on SSI! If you're a "professional myself" with all these years of experience then you should know better than to throw all this garbage up on the internet like this.

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