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    Default Hiring a Lawyer for a Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) Whistleblower Case

    My question involves independent contractors working as a driver in my company in the state of NJ

    I had an independent contractor who left the company I owned in Sept 2nd 2014. He filed a case on Sept 11th 2014 against me under the ground of CEPA. He said that he was fired because he complaint against the company and was fired. No written complaint was ever given to me aka the owner. But the complaint was filed in Sept 2014.

    I had no money to hire a lawyer so I went Pro Se but there were a lot of technical proceeding issues of going to be Pro Se

    There were no Interrogatories were sent to the Plaintiff, the plaintiff was not deposed even though me the defendant was deposed.

    A trial date has been set to Nov 28th 2017. But now i am getting cold feet and want to hire an attorney.

    What difference does me hiring an attorney make to my case 2 days prior to the trial

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    Default Re: Hiring a Lawyer for a Conscientious Employee Protection Act (CEPA) Whistleblower

    It will make it difficult for your lawyer to get up to speed in time for the trial, and it means it will be more difficult to find a lawyer whose schedule is clear. Get on the phone first thing Monday morning. When you find a lawyer who can represent you, your lawyer will discuss with you how the case might proceed and whether there is any reasonable chance of getting an adjournment.

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