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    Question Can You Change Your Child's Last Name Without the Other Parent's Consent

    My question involves name change laws in the State of: Texas
    My child's father has not acknowledged or been in my child's life in 4 years. He pays child support but that is it. My child has expressed her wish to have my last name for a few years now and I am wondering how does someone get their child's name changed? I have no way of contacting her father because I do not know his address only a phone number which he does not respond whenever I message about anything. I've even had his family members contact him on my behalf and he does not respond to them either. I am at a loss when researching this because I only get answers about having to send him notice of me wanting to change her last name, and I can not do that. I'm lucky to even be getting child support.

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    Default Re: In Texas, Without Biological Father's Consent and Child's Wish to Change Their Na

    See if this helps:

    Dad will need to be served and if you truly don't know where he's located, you'll have to start looking at alternate means of service (like publication); it's always recommended to speak with an attorney if that does become necessary.
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