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    Default Can an Employer Discuss an Employee's Performance Evaluation With Others

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: GA

    Is it a breach of confidentiality when an employer calls a meeting to discuss your job performance and/or termination with someone not employed by the company? My employer called a meeting with my director, and an outside person that knows me personally but is not employed by the company to discuss my performance and termination. I was not included in meeting so I have no idea what was said in the presence of this person or why he would be asked to be there. This outside person lives in my very small community and could hinder me from obtaining future employment. Also, can board members be included in these discussions without my permission?
    I just can't understand how someone can be fired or let go without any reprimand or letter of termination, just a "You can work until next pay period." That's letting an employer have free run of just letting everyone he dislikes go without recourse. If this is legal, the laws need to change. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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    Default Re: Can an Employer Discuss an Employee's Performance Evaluation With Others

    Unless you have a contract that provides otherwise, or you are protected by a civil service law (as a government employee) that limits with whom the employer may discuss your performance, your employer can talk about your performance with any other person, inside the company or out.

    Most employees are "at will", meaning that they can be fired for pretty much any reason that the employer chooses without recourse. Absent a contractual restriction, as long as the employer does not violate your civil rights (e.g., discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, ethnicity, etc.) or otherwise violate public policy, you can be fired without notice and without cause.

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