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    Default Court-Appointed Lawyer is Ineffective Due to His Other Work

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: TN

    Has had case for over a month and still has not obtained material, relevant and necessary contents of sealed discovery file despite a hearing, which could result in jail time being scheduled for less than 30 days.

    Has filed no motions despite assuring me right off the bat he would. His legal assistant even requested I assist and draft the motions to help him out since he was working at night full time. I did including even a request for a transcript of key hearings which both assured me have been requested. I checked the file at the court clerks office and ZILCH has been filed and they have no proof such request has been made. Has very incorrectly expressed his view of a key statute which all other attorneys I have spoken with disagree.

    This doesn't seem right and what he appears to be bent on doing is not good at all. Can a court appointed attorney work a full time night job?

    He had to cancel our appointment today because he worked all last night and hasn't had any sleep.

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    Default Re: Appointed Criminal Defense Attorney Has Full Time Night Job and is Ineffective

    Of course they can. Hell they can work full time day job as well.

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    Default Re: Appointed Thanks

    If your lawyer is not able to properly represent you due to other work commitments -- even if to other clients -- then you can consider petitioning the court for a substitution of counsel.

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