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    Default What Happens With an Automatic Renewal Subscription if You Stop Paying

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California

    Hello,thanks for reading this and trying to help.

    Basically,I signed up to a free trial offer with a site called SugarSync.I used a one-time use prepaid card with no funds in it and I attached that to PayPal.I for the life of me couldn't remember the details I used i.e the email I used so I couldn't cancel it.Once the auto-renewal happened they tried to charge the price of 7.95 USD to said prepaid card about 11 times(4 days from each charge) and they all failed due to insufficient funds,the first charge was on 5/31/17 and the last was 7/19/17,they haven't attempted any more future charges.

    I want to know anyone's advice on this matter,since they haven't attempted any more charges did they simply cancel/disable/ the account or possibly made it into a free account after the first failed payment? Are they suiting up for debt collections/small times court case? Are they allowed to keep attempting the charge until it adds up enough to make debt collections/small times court worth it?

    I stress easily,and anyone's advice on this would help greatly,thank you for reading this,hope you have a great day.

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