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    Default Child abuse central registry

    I was falsely accused of abuse/neglect. My case was closed with no indicators. However, I have heard that if you have a case your name goes on the central register for child abuse, regardless of the outcome.

    Does anyone know how I can find out whether or not my name is on this registry? I am in FL.

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    Default Florida Child Abuse Registry

    I don't see an answer to your question online, but you may be able to get one from the Florida Department of Children and Families, 850-487-1111.

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    Aaron, thank you. I did call that number, and eventually returned to the office which investigated my report. At that point, I was told that my name would be on the registry, and it would be marked as "closed with no indicators" as that was the closing status.

    Apparently, there is no way to actually view this information for myself. I am concerned that my name is on there at all, b/c if I ever want to work with children or work in healthcare, a prospective employer would see that I was investigated for child abuse.

    This was a bogus allegation, made by a vidictive family member. All accusations were completely untrue, but now that my name is on this registry, I feel it is a bad mark against me. Anyone who sees that, regardless of the fact that the case was closed unfounded, would be leary of hiring me.

    Is there anything I can do to have my name removed from this record?

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