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    My question involves criminal law for the state of: London, England

    hi there so I have been talking to this girl on Instagram and then after we exchanged numbers and started talking on WhatsApp. She says that she liked me and then we started talking about meeting up and where to meet up. I had asked the question if we would kiss and if she would let me touch her chest. keep in mind at this point we did not know each others ages, I then get a phone call from her dad telling me shes underage and he sees what I said to her, He already reported it to the police with screenshots of that chat. after finding out her age I had deleted and blocked her number.

    bare in mind we have not exchanged photos and what ive wrote in bold is the only sexual thing I have said. also we had only been speaking for 1 day. This girl is apparently 14 and I am 18 years old.

    she keeps trying to call and talk to me but I ignore and block those texts that I am getting from other number. Her dad has also threatened to hurt me. I don't know what to do as I had stopped talking to her since I found out her age, also in a statement(which her friend contacted me about) she told me her brother forced her to lie and say I knew her age and she knew my age. but in reality we both didn't know.

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    Default Re: Can You Be Arrested for Talking to a Minor

    England is not a U.S. state, so you should consult a solicitor or a U.K. legal resource with your questions.

    If it needs to be said, you should avoid sexually propositioning people you don't know, lest you land yourself in this sort of hot water.

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    So I have a friend who was looking online to talk to women, he found one who said she was 18, they talked inappropriately, there were pictures sent and then when all was said and done, she told him that she was really 16. After that, there was more conversation, but about why she would lie about the age and stuff like that, then deleted all of the pictures and conversation. Since then, there has been no response from the minor and he hasn’t made any other contact with her. But he has been super bothered by it and worried the cops are gonna just show up at the door. The minor was also out of state, but yeah, he hasn’t heard anything and hasn’t tried making contact. What are his options or what should he do.

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    Default Re: Can You Be Arrested for Talking to a Minor

    You should have started your own thread instead of high jacking this one. But.

    He should forget about it and move on. He should not be sending explicit pictures to anyone he hasn't met in person and he knows that they are not minors.

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