My problem is two fold:

I work a commision based sales job. I make commision provided that my % of commision divided by my cloked hours is equal to or greater then what my state requires as minimum wage for the same amout of time. We are required to attend staff meetings as well as training programs that are held on some days off and some working days. In all three instances I am not makeing money because I am not selling anything during these meetings and seminars. If I clok in during these times then I get bumped down to minimum wage and I loose out on the opportunity to make a higher amount of money bassed on the hours I was actually selling. If I don't clock in then the company gets away with not compensating me at all for what should be my time. Is this legal?

My second issue is my employment contract. It is specific and states that I may not work for a competitor located within a five mile radius for one year following my termination or leaving of my job. Due to the issue above and others I want desperatly to leave this job however I do not want to work ouside this radius. Can they turly hold me to this? Is this clause leagal? They have threatened to sue me if I leave. Please help!