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    Default Left Against my Will in Remote Location

    I recently was hired on for the Bristol Bay salmon season on a tender. I signed a contract for 3o days at $175.00 a day. I asked for a copy of the contract that which I signed and was told I would recieve one shortly, the owner later refused to comply. The last day of the contract the boat was in port in NakNek, AK. The plan so I was told, was that the boat would not be leaving untill the next night because there was repairs we had to complete. The crew pertaining to The owner/skipper, his son and the owners friend, and myself. I was told to return to the boat by 12am so we could move it to a more suitable area for repairs. I returned at 10,11 and 12 there was noone aboard, I left a note stateing I would return again in another hour in plain site, upon returning , all my personal belongings were strung out carelessly on the dock with a few things missing. I searched the area for the boat, but it was nowhere. I then became aware I had been left against my will in a remote area without warning, shelter, cash or food. After an arduious journey in the dark from NakNek to King Salmon I was able to call a friend and fly out. I have repeatedly tried to call the owner of the vessel to no avail. So I assume he is now declining that I worked for him for I have recieved no pay or notice of termination or squat. I am now at a loss of upwards of $6500.00 in wages and airfare, not to mention transpo and food . Then theres always the 40+ days I will never see again. This also affects any unemployment claim I may wish to open.
    Ive never had to deal with such a situation and am not quite sure what my rights are, any suggestions or help I could aquire would be very benifitial. Thank you for your time Brandon Mustain

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    Default Alaska Small Claims

    You can sue in Alaska small claims court for up to $10,000 in damages. If you aren't interested in small claims court, I suggest you consult an Alaska lawyer who handles plaintiff-side employment claims.

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