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    Default Can You Get a Teacher's License if You Have an Expunged Criminal Record

    i am in California and in 2012 I was convicted and plead guilty to a misdemeanor for embezzlement after Regrettably falsifying returns at my place of employment. I successfully completed a required work release program and my probation without any problems. I also paid restitution. Since then I had gone to college and gained my BA in hopes of becoming a teacher. I tried to get my credential to become a substitute teacher two years ago but was denied because of my record. I am currently attempting to get my record expunged (lawyer is working on it now) but am wondering if anyone knows if once my record becomes expunged is this career still a possibility for me? Or should I start thinking about other careers? I know from filling out the application before that even if my record becomes expunged I still have to disclose it, but what really are my chances of it getting approved? Any insight what so ever will be greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: Can You Get a Teacher's License if You Have an Expunged Criminal Record

    It's not an offense that completely bars you from ever getting credentials. In addition to expungment, the committee also considers how long the conviction was and how old you were at the time. They also are more swayable if presented with evidence of community work, letters from counselors, instructors, employers, etc.

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    Default Re: Can You Get a Teacher's License if You Have an Expunged Criminal Record

    For licensing purposes, you have to disclose your record even with an expungement; the expungement itself is considered to be evidence of rehabilitation, and will be considered along with the other evidence you submit. Read this.

    In terms of employment generally, as is explained here,
    Quote Quoting What a dismissal will do

    Once all your convictions have been dismissed, this is what you can expect:

    1. Applying for private employment: Under most circumstances, private employers cannot ask you about any convictions dismissed under Penal Code section 1203.4. So when applying for a job in the private sector, you generally do not have to disclose a conviction if it was dismissed or expunged. But it is a good idea to read Penal Code section 1203.4, or California Code of Regulations section 11017.1 (operative July 1, 2017), or to talk to the public defender in your county if you have questions about your rights and obligations regarding past convictions when applying for a job.
    2. Applying for government employment or a government license: For questions by government employers or on government licensing applications, if you are asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime, you MUST respond with “YES—CONVICTION DISMISSED.” In California, government employers and licensing agencies (except for police agencies and concessionaire licensing boards) will treat you the same as if you had never been convicted of any crime.
    3. You will not be allowed to own or possess a firearm until you would otherwise be able to do so.
    4. Your dismissed convictions can still be used to increase your punishment in future criminal cases.
    5. Your prior convictions can still affect your driving privileges.
    6. If you have been required to register as a sex offender as a result of a conviction, you have to make a different motion to the court in order to be relieved of this requirement. A dismissal will not relieve you of your duty to register as a sex offender. Your status as a registered sex offender will continue to be available to the public on the Internet under Megan’s Law.
    7. If your conviction prohibited you from holding public office, you still cannot hold public office after that conviction is dismissed.

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