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First, I do not understand why some people here are so rude to people who are desperate for their children and come to places like this asking for help.
Nobody is being rude to you. You are refusing to listen and refusing to acknowledge basic facts -- that is rude on your part.

But at least you're now implicitly conceding that this is a child custody matter.
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If I say I do not want to discuss other matters (partly for reasons of confidentiality) they should respect that.
If you have facts that could change the interpretation of your case and choose not to share them, then we're not going to be able to help you. For you to insult us based upon that would, once again, be very rude on your part.
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I know I have got a case but I need the help to deal with it.
If you believe a crime was committed, you report your suspicions to law enforcement.

If you want to fight a custody case, you do that in the custody court.

There is no international organization that is going to involve itself in your situation. You need to disabuse yourself of that fantasy and focus on the remedies that have already been explained to you.
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The government official I spoke to told me of another case like mine where the people involved eneded up in prison, no excuses for breaking the law with any other stories like the ones people are speculating about here.
So in some other case that you believe to be similar, somebody broke the law, their legal violation was reported to law enforcement, and the person was prosecuted. There you go. No international agency needed.
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I also received feedback form the consul of another embassy, who deals with cases like this. He confirmed the illegality of what was done to my children.
Odds are what he did was say something like, "If your story is true...." But really, if this "consul" works for the U.K. government and actually believes that U.K. officials broke U.K. law, that "consul" can help you report that belief to law enforcement. If it's some random person from a random consulate of a random nation, all the person can really do is tell you what we've been repeatedly telling you -- there's no international organization that will involve itself in your custody case.
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When I find someone to help and where I need to put my case (both in an institution and before the public) and get any kind of result I will come back here and post the information as it may be useful to others.
What you should do is work on your custody case with your solicitor. If you continue to tilt at windmills instead of focusing on your custody case, or if you lose your custody case, it won't change this fact: there is no international organization that is going to involve itself in your case.