My question involves defamation in the state of: I do not exactly, but I believe the website may be hosted in America.

A troll signed up and spammed at some video gaming forums I have posted at for years. Until this guy came to the forums, there had not been any issues at all for a long time, although prior members caused me untold problems on and off, from 2003 up until now. He uses multiple IDs and uploads photos of people I know (taken from videos I had on YouTube, or Google) to use as his avatars, and replies to his own posts. Now on that particular site, he isn't fully harassing me. He just plays dumb. The moderators were already contacted about this deception, but they didn't seem to care. They also banned me from using the private messaging feature.

Now when he initially rejoined, I didn't know it was him. He previously signed up using the name of a guy who uses a blog. Then he made anxiety and autism topics. He baited me to reply, but I did respond, only because I didn't know it was him. I've got autism myself, and the thread looked "normal" enough, I suppose.

So anyway, I gave him a link to a forum (it's called that discusses i.e. relationships and mental health, but I recall saying in a post on the gaming forums that it has no moderators. Since then, the idiot has signed up many profiles and trolled that forum hard. He creates multiple IDs as I said and post bombs, posts my personal info, and mentions personal things about my former support workers which he even quoted from threads I was involved in elsewhere, and acts like a judge who is angry at me due to how I got in trouble over their inability to do their jobs. He actually did this repeatedly and got banned. But he came back - a lot. In fact, the admin actually banned me too, as this creep said he would spam the forums all the time until I was removed, yet my ban is unfair as I never did anything wrong. I'd been an active user there for just a little over 5 years. He posted things about my ex support personnel to make it appear like he had a 'good case' against me.

Apart from that, he sent people to my friend's house after obtaining his address, then vandalized my filmography with fake film art, harassed me on Wikipedia, and did the same thing on Wikia as well, resulting in me having to humor him by talking about his harassment on the help pages for the moderators. I've had to report him dozens of times now, but he keeps coming back using proxies. Ignoring him is kind of impossible. This is totally getting to me. I've also written to an ISP that I think may be his, but nobody got in touch. I'm not sure what to do here, other than giving up any handles he knows me by, but then he'd still likely know who I am from my posting habits. Etc. For example, he knows I like to edit pages on Wikipedia about Sylvester Stallone; I actually got angry at after I gave evidence about how he had parts in films as an extra, and they refuted my evidence, and he knows about that too, from reading my posts.

Please help.