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    Default Why Isn't it a Crime to Cause Emotional Injury

    Would it be a crime if someone physically injured me? Why is it ok for someone to inflict more harm than anything physical. Emotional pain, no trust, fear that people are going to kill me, fear of abandonment, insecurity self doubt.
    The fact that I worked so very hard to move beyond all of the pain and legal issues and I was finally getting there.
    I told rh several times and made it very clear that I was vulnerable but I was willing to give this love and him a shot. Not only did he do what I asked him not to but he knew exactly what he was doing. He built me up the he tore me down to an even further place than I have ever been. Every single day calling me names like loser and worthless but he was caught in many questionable acts such as seeking out other woman from personal ads I have documentation to back everything I am claiming up. He had an active profile on a dating site he had the repo after him he was very cold and calculated. He tormented me on a daily basis I have audio recordings to verify this. He even threatened me with the police in one of the recordings. He got us evicted by not paying the rent. Had to pack and move everything again only three months after moving in. I had finally finished painting the whole entire inside of the house. I have medical condition as a result. I was emotionally and mentally traumatized and felt frozen and unable to get out of the relationship. He ultimately had me charged for bending his glasses and thrown in jail. I was immediately displaced with nine of my belongings and two kittens to take care of. I was completely devastated not sure if I was even going to survive all of this. Living on the streets with my kitty's and none of my clothes or belongings as they were all in his storage unit. I have maintained my own storage unit for the past 10 plus years on my own and when I moved in with rh and he asked me to marry him I felt safe at first to bring all of my belongings to his/our house. I have never seen my things my personal belongings since January of 2016. I managed to survive as long as I could living on the streets my case was continued three times and that took three months. I was ordered to weekly visits with my probation officer which I complied as difficult as it was for me. I took the opportunity each time it presented itself to ask for help to tell of my store and what I had been going through. No one seemed to care of the hardship I was enduring especially considering how traumatized I was. Finally at the third court hearing i was trying to get my attorney to hear my cries for help and help me but instead she threatened me with ordering me to have a competency hearing and when I asked her what that was and where she replied western state hospital. So I feel like I went into some sort of shock and I ended up pleading guilty. Now I'm running from a Warner and I just found out he is praying on my 19 year old daughter. This has to be a crime.

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    Default Re: Violation of Due Dilligence

    What has to be a crime?

    I can't follow this. It sounds like you were involved with a manipulative jerk but being a manipulative jerk isn't a crime.

    You cannot use you audio recordings. At the bottom you mention Western State Hospital, I presume that's the one in Tacoma WA (if not please supply your state) and WA is a two party state. That means that you would require your ex's permission to record any conversations. Not having that consent is a crime.

    Are you saying that you have a medical condition from painting the inside of the house? If so, that is the result of your own actions.

    It would appear that you were not charged and convicted for merely bending someones glasses if you ended up in jail and having probation. IF you've not been convicted you would not be ordered to see a probation officer.

    All in all this seems to be a cry for help from someone who is at the end of their rope.

    It sounds like you don't need legal assistance. It sound like you need the aid of a qualified mental health professional.
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    Default Re: Violation of Due Dilligence

    This has to be a crime.
    RH has committed no crime.

    You just picked the wrong lover and suffered the consequences.

    Happens to a lot of people.

    he is praying on my 19 year old daughter.
    I think (I hope) you mean preying.

    Your daughter is an adult.

    If she gets involved with RH it's her decision and she also will live with the consequences.

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    Default Re: Violation of Due Dilligence

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    I think (I hope) you mean preying.
    Unless he's some sort of religious nut.

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    Default Re: Violation of Due Dilligence

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    Unless he's some sort of religious nut.
    Yeah. I visualized something like this:

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