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    Default Can You Sue a College for Admitting You if You Believe You Were Unqualified and Fail

    From 2016 to 2017 I was enrolled in two periods of classes at a public trade school. I believe I was allowed entry (against my better judgement and concerns) when they knew I would be unable to pass. It was a policy to offer an entry exam (which I failed) but the program leader reassured me I would be fine and that he would get me through to graduation.

    During the period of my schooling I was exposed to the school's program leader using the N Word, the C word, making fun of transsexuals and homosexuals.

    Within two months, this program leader was forced to resign due to sexual harassment of a fellow student.

    With the program leader gone, our class did not have any structure and we we're pretty much left without any leadership. I believe 1/4th of our class failed which is way above the average for this course.

    Do I have any legal recourse? I feel like I was taken advantage of, harassed, and victimized by the administrators of a major public adult education institutions of Ohio.

    I took my concerns to the director of the institution and was accused of being lazy.

    There was also an incident where I was FORCED and intimidated (against threat of expulsion to implicate a fellow student in a crime).

    I am now in debt for a service I was promised but never received on top of being exposed to abuse and situations that a reasonable person was find extremely appalling. I have a perfect record, I was previously on the Dean's List at another college.

    I have very detailed notes on everything.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Adult Education, exposure to bullying by faculty, harassment, lack of services ad

    If you were allowed entry without taking the entry exam that's really on your head. You could've insisted on taking the entry exam and determined if you knew what needed to know to be successful...but you didn't.

    If the instructor in question was sacked you don't have a lot to do. Did you even complain about the incidents to the school administration? Why not? The school took actions for the violations that they knew about and that's all they are required to do. You cannot hold an institution as responsible for something that they didn't know about. If you suspect that this had been an issue in the past, prior to you attending and the institution knew about it then you will have to prove that.

    If this program fell on its face after this instructor why did you return for a second period? Whether quarters or semesters the instructor would've been gone prior to enrollment in the second period. That is also on you.

    In the incident where you were forced to implicate another student in a crime; you'll have to read the rules. Many schools have honor codes which won't permit you to be the passerby who watches a crime but does nothing to stop it. Being threatened with expulsion likely isn't a crime.

    No one promised you success in life, only the opportunity to pursue it. AS to the idea that you were subjected to abuse and situations that a "reasonable" person would find appalling: perhaps. What were you studying? It's hard to say what a reasonable person will or will not do. What I, an electrician and steel mill worker, find unreasonable and appalling is substantially different than what my wife, a high school principal, finds unreasonable and appalling. I deal with pushy managers and situations that would give out HR folks here headaches and I would never tolerate the hoops my wife jumps through. I submit, however, that we are both reasonable and intelligent people.

    You perfect record is perfectly irrelevant. No one will care if you were on a dean's list anywhere. Yes, I know what a Dean't list is, I was in college, I've even been on the Dean's list myself. It' didn't prevent the occasional less than perfect grade.

    Your detailed notes are not terribly useful. The won't be considered evidence of anything as they are written by you. You can, however, take them to a local attorney and see what they have to say. Be prepared to spend some serious coin, however, as a lawsuit against a public institution can be costly, especially is all you have are complaints against an instructor who was sacked for harassment.
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    Default Re: Can You Sue a College for Admitting You if You Believe You Were Unqualified and F

    If you're an adult and you choose to spend your money unwisely, that's on you. Next time you attempt college, study harder and perhaps hire a tutor.

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