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    Default Can You Sue a College for Admitting You if You Believe You Were Unqualified and Fail

    From 2016 to 2017 I was enrolled in two periods of classes at a public trade school. I believe I was allowed entry (against my better judgement and concerns) when they knew I would be unable to pass. It was a policy to offer an entry exam (which I failed) but the program leader reassured me I would be fine and that he would get me through to graduation.

    During the period of my schooling I was exposed to the school's program leader using the N Word, the C word, making fun of transsexuals and homosexuals.

    Within two months, this program leader was forced to resign due to sexual harassment of a fellow student.

    With the program leader gone, our class did not have any structure and we we're pretty much left without any leadership. I believe 1/4th of our class failed which is way above the average for this course.

    Do I have any legal recourse? I feel like I was taken advantage of, harassed, and victimized by the administrators of a major public adult education institutions of Ohio.

    I took my concerns to the director of the institution and was accused of being lazy.

    There was also an incident where I was FORCED and intimidated (against threat of expulsion to implicate a fellow student in a crime).

    I am now in debt for a service I was promised but never received on top of being exposed to abuse and situations that a reasonable person was find extremely appalling. I have a perfect record, I was previously on the Dean's List at another college.

    I have very detailed notes on everything.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Can You Sue a College for Admitting You if You Believe You Were Unqualified and F

    If you're an adult and you choose to spend your money unwisely, that's on you. Next time you attempt college, study harder and perhaps hire a tutor.

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