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    Default Changing Son's Name to His Father's Name

    My question involves name change laws in the State of: North Carolina. I was still in the process of divorcing my first husband when I gave birth to my second son. So unfortunately he has my ex-husband/my last name at the time. His father has finally stepped up to the plate over the last few years and is now on the birth certificate. I would like to change our son's name to that of his father's family. As it stands he has a name of no one he is related to. I was wondering about how costly it would be, and how much trouble? As of right now I'm in a custody battle and second divorce from a man that took 12 yrs of my life, and then tried to take my life.

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    Default Re: Changing Sons Name to Father's Name

    Here's some general information on changing a minor's name followed by that from a specific court. Your local court or court's website may have it's own forms and instructions:

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