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    Default Forged Loan Documents for Student Loan

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: Texas

    I received my student loan from sallie Mae back in 2003. I did not finish college and defaulted on my student loan. In 2010 sallie Mae contacted me saying they were going to deduct my paycheck unless I made a payment of 2,000$ to them for a 10 year extension (note I did not sign any documents for this )however everything the collection calls stop and showed as paid as agreed and on time on credit report so that was good for me. Well since then sallie Mae has been bought out or went under and the us Dept of education started deducting my pay check and said that I had refinanced my loan with a company named direct loans which I have never heard of and did not do but it added double what I owed in interest. So I contacted the us Dept of education they sent me a copy of the loan form and the only thing in my hand writing is my signature all info and including the date next to signature is clearly someone else's handwriting I had never seen these documents before nor have never signed my name without dating myself so this is clearly a forged document and has violated my rights to privacy by giving all my info to another company without my consent I have contacted the us dept of education to file dispute but is there anything else I can do this is illegal isn't it?

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    Default Re: Forged Loan Documents for Student Loan

    You didn't actually ask a question, but if you're going to ask about a student loan taken out by a family member in your name, many years ago, ostensibly with a forged signature, you can expect that the student loan company will be skeptical of any claim of forgery that is made significantly after you first learn of the issue, and they may also want to see a copy of the report made by the police after you reported the forgery.

    With that in mind, please -- share some facts and ask a question.

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    Default Re: Forged Loan Documents for Student Loan

    Sorry I just edited it first time to use this site

    Sorry just edited the post first time to use site

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