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    Default Wrongly Named by the Police as an Informant

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: NEW JERSEY. I was pulled over then arrested for having less than a half of a gram of cocaine in my possession which i already had on my persons prior to going to a friend's house, apparently his residents was under surveillance which is why I was pulled over. When I was questioned by the police and asked if I purchased it at my friends house I told them it was my cocaine and I definitely did not. Fast forward to my charge being downgraded to a misdemeanor. As of recent a police document was given to my friend and states that I told the police I purchased it from him which now portrays me as a "rat" and "liar". How can they document and state the exact opposite of what I said? What do I need to do to clear my name of something that isn't just frowned upon where in from but makes me a leapor or even worse?

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    Default Re: Don't Know What to Do

    Cops lie. You can contact your friend's lawyer and tell him/her that you never said that and if called to testify, you will tell the truth, that you didn't buy from the guy and never told the cops you did.

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    Default Re: Wrongly Named by the Police as an Informant

    Quote Quoting Stuosto0125
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    ...makes me a leapor or even worse?
    Huh? I'm not familiar with that term. There IS a poet with that name but I'm sure you're not referring to her.

    Well, things like this tend to happen to drug users who hang out with drug dealers. Maybe that's an incentive to change your ways.

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    Default Re: Wrongly Named by the Police as an Informant

    He means leper, originally meaning one who has leprosy but generally refers to one shunned by others.

    But no, you can't get any relief from the police saying you were an upstanding citizen.

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    Default Re: Wrongly Named by the Police as an Informant

    Hmmm ... you're concerned that drug dealing, drug using acquaintances and friends might think ill of you? Maybe it's time to get new friends (and some new social pastimes)?
    Retired Cal Cop Sergeant & Teacher

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