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My question involves criminal law for the state of: New Jersey.

I was pulled over then arrested for having less than a half of a gram of cocaine in my possession which i already had on my persons prior to going to a friend's house, apparently his residents was under surveillance which is why I was pulled over. When I was questioned by the police and asked if I purchased it at my friends house I told them it was my cocaine and I definitely did not. Fast forward to my charge being downgraded to a misdemeanor. As of recent a police document was given to my friend and states that I told the police I purchased it from him which now portrays me as a "rat" and "liar". How can they document and state the exact opposite of what I said? What do I need to do to clear my name of something that isn't just frowned upon where in from but makes me a leper or even worse?
Wow. Why did you tell the cops anything?

You are more worried about what some other drug addicts or dealers think about you? Smh drug addicts are the most ridiculous people in the world.

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Actually I'm not at all concerned with drug-dealing or using friends or acquaintances that has absolutely nothing to do with it I grew up in a part of New Jersey that's predominantly Italian and has always had and still does have a heavy mob influence. More often than not people that you know from there are or were related to somebody directly or indirectly involved with the mob myself included my grandfather and his brothers were big time and well-known bookies and loansharks that had 1st and 2nd cousins and close friends that were legitimate mobsters or more specifically soldiers in a certain family and 90% of my friends which are college graduates and have or work for legitimate and very successful businesses that have no need to do anything illegal to earn money have relatives that still are or were involved in the mop or legitimately in the mop.

So we grew up thinking and taught that a rat is the lowest scum on Earth that if you do the crime you do the time so my concern is just my reputation and my good name as a stand-up man, I've grown up with family put in jail for very long time because of a rat or rats I grew up with my grandfather, great-uncle's, cousins, close friends of family in jail for periods of time and they almost all put away because of a rat or rats that were their close friends and even family and they decided they couldn't do the time so they flipped so it is looked upon as one of the lowest things you can possibly be in the area where I grew up among the families and friends that I grew up with even if they are all legitimate businessman everyone feel the same way

the fact is I did not say what these cops had put on a piece of paper nevertheless I put my question on here for help not to be reprimanded scolded or taught a lesson so I don't need your response I don't want it I don't appreciate it but unless you have something you can add to either help me or educate me then please do not respond to my question and judge me you do not know me and I do not need your condescending or so much are caustic remarks if you have something that you can tell me that will educate me or I can learn from or even help me with my situation I will be extremely appreciative and and very happy to pick close attention to anything you have to say the other also I never said the person was a drug dealer he was in fact a member of a different Union that I am going into so it is not a drug user hanging out with drug dealer either way it doesn't even matter so please keep your opinion and your comments to yourself if they're not going to be helpful for the other person who responded thank you for your response I appreciate you telling me something that I can use to turn this around
That's some bs. You must be a new troll.

Your help to your question is to be "scolded and reprimanded" because that's all you're going to get. Your "good name?" Omg. People go to jail because they break the law. Yeah it's shady if someone narcs you out but perhaps if people didn't break the law they wouldn't get 'ratted' out would they? Criminals and drug addicts are all the same type of people...your best advice is to quit using cocaine and stay away from criminals and drug dealers. And any lawyer is going to tell you that.

Also don't come on this forum and tell people how to answer your question. If you don't like advice you get off a public free website then go somewhere else.