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    Default Conflicts of Interest Based on Past Representation of a Co-Defendant

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Washington

    My friend who has ZERO felonies who is 49 years old was found guilty on all counts August 23rd.
    1 count of conspiracy and 4 counts of distribution of methamphetamine. I did some investigating and it appears that his attorney represented a co-defendant of his in 1999-2001. That's around the time he became a CI. My friends co-def was looking at life. Instead he took a deal with the Feds and not only did he agree to cooperate with them but he also agreed to take the stand and testify against my friend. He got 3 years. However, my friends attorney signed an agreement with the federal prosecuting attorney to NOT impeach the witnesses. Why would he do that?
    When asked about representing the case in 99, the attorney said he just filled in one time. Odyssey Portal tells a different story and since my friend brought it up last week his attorney has been avoiding him to the fullest. Won't answer his calls and he didn't show up to his visit in Jail (He's in custody awaiting sentencing).*

    Also - one of the jurors admitted to possibly knowing my friend and purchased from him in the past. She tried to recuse herself but they didn't seem to care because they selected her anyway.*

    With that being said, Are there any conflicts of Interest?

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    Default Re: Conflicts of Interest Based on Past Representation of a Co-Defendant

    Quote Quoting CelAviv
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    Why would he do that?
    We don't read minds.

    Your friend can feel free to speak to another attorney.

    Your post contains many vague statements - like WHO became a CI, your friend or his co-defendant?

    Because your friend's attorney represented someone else 18 years ago you think there's an issue? How is it conflict of interest?

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