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    Default Can You Cash a Check Written by a Friend Who Since Became Mad at You

    My question involves personal finance in the State of:

    My friend wrote me a check signed and with my name for a personal loan but now she is mad at me and won't talk to me I just want to make sure that I can still cash it without getting in trouble.

    Like I said she did sign it she even wrote my name and filled out in her check book that she wrote the check to me. My boyfriend saw her write it out to me so he is a witness but I don't think I could count him as a real witness because of our relationship.

    If she were to take this to the police could I get in trouble for cashing it?

    Would her bank cash it even without her being there?

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    Default Re: My Friend Wrote Me a Check and is Now Mad at Me Can I Still Cash It

    Date of check?

    Amount of check?

    What were the terms of the "loan" agreement?

    Written or oral?

    Why is she mad at you?

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