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    Default What Does Ratification by Election Mean

    My question involves business law in the state of: California

    A special district has two contracts with a govt agency. The first contract represents services provided by the district to privately owned deeded lands within the district. The second contract represents the same services but on Tribal lands located within the district. The first contract has a section titled "Ratification by Election" which states the execution of this contract shall be authorized or ratified by the qualified electors of the Contractor (district) at an election held for that purpose.

    Both contracts are outdated. The govt agency is in the process of consolidating both contracts and writing one new contract.

    My question is what does ratification mean in this situation? Since there is a new contract replacing the first contract, will the new contract require ratification by election? Who are the qualified electors (landowners, board of directors?) of the Contractor who authorize or ratify the new contract? The assessed value of land within the district determines how many votes each landowner has.

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    Default Re: What Does Ratification by Election Mean

    It would appear that you answered your own question.

    The assessed value of land within the district determines how many votes each landowner has.
    Ratification means the action of signing or giving formal consent to a treaty, contract, or agreement, making it officially valid. So the new contract will not go into affect until the landowners vote on it and it passes by whatever majority is set.

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